Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Tri-Way DLT Exclusive No Choil Slicer Working Finish Black G10

This is a new example from last month's most recent DLT drop and will come in original box with all stickers/hardware/COA, etc. As the title states, this runs on the tri-way pivot system, has a black g10 scale, and boasts a working finish blade/handles. Condition is Mint, and I have never put it in my pocket or cut anything, however, I have flipped it a couple of dozen times to appreciate the action. The blade is perfectly centered (and I mean perfect) and drops shut out of the box without any adjustment whatsoever. The detent is medium-heavy but about as heavy as I'd like on an XM-18 without tearing up your finger (I generally prefer a very hard/strong detent without being impossible to open), and the blade flies out every time. Lockup is sitting at an early 20% with solid lockup, no blade play, and zero stick. Action is probably the best of any Hinderer I've owned, but my Eklipse definitely has a harder detent and that "hydraulic" action you come to expect of hinderers. This is a lot more drop shut than that (probably due to a slightly lighter detent and the blade shape) and as soon as you move your thumb out of the way the blade floats closed and the detent clicks into place very audibly. Not a guillotine, but still buttery smooth. You can also use the thumb studs to deploy it and reverse flickable due to the excellent detent tuning.

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