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I have been carrying knives since my military days (discharged in 97) and began collecting knives as a hobby in 2020. I enjoy knives from all price points and like to focus on the design / designer rather than the price tag. I collect older / discontinued knives from many makers and prefer knives with blade lengths of 3.75 and up. I drive OTR daily for a living so I carry a different budget friendly knife every day while higher end / obscure knives are reserved for off duty. Most of the knives I own were purchased to collect / carry, and some became users. I am NOT a knife influencer on any platform or a knife flipper just looking to make a profit. I am just an average collector who buys (sometimes impulsively) which then requires me to sell knives to replenish funds spent on those newer acquisitions. If you are interested in multiple knives I can lower the prices a little bit and give you a better deal but I'm not going to give anything away. I paid retail prices for all the stuff I'm selling. I didn't get anything for free and I'm not going to hose myself. I am located in Columbia City Indiana and can meet locally for trades or deals. I only trade face to face. I ship same day if purchased before 3pm EST.

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Returns are not accepted due to the nature of fraud and I am selling to replace funds or to acquire newer knives.

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